Anchoring bands

Product information
Anchoring bands provide protection to a tank against buoyancy by ground water and thus serve to fix the tank in the ground.
Anchors should be embedded in concrete in a foundation reinforced concrete slab already before installing the tank. After the setting process, steel clamps should be mounted and screwed to the anchors.
The insulation surface of the tank is protected by rubber bases inserted between the bands and the tank. All steel components are corrosion protected through hot-dip galvanisation.
The spacing of the bands depends on the size and design of the tank (number of manholes, size of chambers). The number of the bands depends on the tank size.

  • Quick and effective fixing of a tank to foundations
  • Simple assembly, a set of anchors is sent by CGH for assembly to the construction site already before delivery of the tank
  • The entire system is corrosion protected through galvanisation
Technical information

The anchoring system consists of:

  • A steel clamp of the anchoring system
  • A rubber divider
  • A threaded rod M24
  • An anchor metal sheet with a hole for the threaded pin
  • Nuts, washers
  • Min 10 mm thick insulation of bituminous or other material should be applied between the tank and the foundation.
  • A rubber divider supplied with the band should be inserted between the band and the tank.
  • Static and strength calculations for tank anchoring have been made with the following assumptions in mind:
    • water level equal to ground level
    • water buoyancy safety factor of 1.3.
    • ground volumetric weight – 18 kN/m3
    • concrete volumetric weight B20 – 22 kN/m3
    • minimum clamping – 800 mm

Note: The assumptions presented do not relieve you of the obligation to calculate the foundation and a buoyant force for local ground conditions.