Tank Ranger 5 leak tightness monitoring system

Product information
Tank Ranger 5 is a leak detection system to monitor tightness of tanks, pipelines, fuel and industrial plants.

It also functions as an overflow alarm and safety system which controls the shut-off valve, fan, gate or another device.

When an alarm occurs (sensor activation) a sound signal (buzzer) is on. This alarm can be cancelled with the button located in the front panel of the control panel. The status of each sensor is also indicated by LEDs.

Optionally, the control panel can be equipped with an external light, a buzzer (12VDC) and an external alarm cancellation button.

  • supports up to 4 different types of detection sensors
  • it can operate in a dry and wet system
  • features a built-in visual and sound alarm
  • as a standard, 2 external devices can be controlled
  • easy to operate and fault-free
  • suitable for continuous operation
  • a wide range of sensors
  • ISM4 built-in intrinsically safe barrier module
Technical information


  • height 180 mm
  • width 210 mm
  • depth 83 mm

Operating temperature range:

  • -30 ºC ~ +50 ºC

Standard alarms:

  • 4 visual (LEDs)
  • 1 sound (buzzer)

Number of external control outputs:

  • 1 external buzzer (12V)
  • 1 external light (12V)
  • 1 alarm cancellation button

Power supply:

  • The device is supplied with 230V AC 10W
  • EU type examination certificate:
    ◦ KDB 05ATEX204X
  • Explosion protection marking:
    ◦ II (1) G [Ex ia Ga] IIA -30 ºC ≤ Ta ≤ +50 ºC
  • Types of sensors compatible with the control panel:
    ◦ petroleum-derived liquid vapour sensor: PCO
    ◦ petroleum-derived liquid vapour sensor: PCO/d
    ◦ petroleum-derived liquid vapour sensor: PCOth
    ◦ LPG sensor: PCG
    ◦ ethanol sensor: PCA
    ◦ carbon monoxide sensor: PCC.
    ◦ optical liquid sensor: PCOpt.
    ◦ optical liquid sensor: PCOpt/d.
    ◦ selective optical liquid sensor: PCOpt/s.
    ◦ separator sensor: PCSPr-2.
    ◦ double separator sensor: PCSPr-3.
    ◦ ester sensor PCOes.
    ◦ ammonia sensor PCOam.
    ◦ hydrogen sulphide sensor PCOsw.
    ◦ ethanol sensor PCOet.
    ◦ toluene sensor PCOtl.
    ◦ toxic gas sensor PCOtk.
    ◦ air pollution sensor PCE.