Environment friendly cleaning of oil and fuel spillage

  • Coated mineral adsorbant
  • Oleophilic and fully hydrophobic
  • Permanently bonds fuels and oils, even in wet conditions
  • Non-leaching and dry waste crumbs
  • For spill control on forecourts, workshops, highway crash sites, airports…

Harena adsorbant characteristics

  • Harena is an oleophilic coated mineral that adsorbs hydrocarbons rapidly and isolates them permanently from the immediate environment.
  • Fully hydrophobic, Harena consistently repels water, making it usable on wet surfaces and on rain puddles.
  • Harena adsorbs all hydrocarbons, synthetic fuels, diesel and petrol, including their vapours.
  • Harena forms a dry, non-sticky and non-leaching crumb that can be removed quickly and cleanly.
  • Once fully bonded to Harena, fuels and oils become non-flammable. This facilitates complete removal of the spill, minimising the risk of secondary accidents during handling, temporary storage and transport of the waste.
  • Packaged in weatherproof bags of 20 kg, it is easy to handle
    and can be stored with an indefinite shelf life.
  • Harena has been tested according to the Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) – BS EN 12457.