Pre-assembled and highly customisable

Compact Stations are CGH answer to the need for petrol stations that are uncomplicated to erect and quickly operational in the vibrant cities and along the country roads in any part of the world.

The design of a Compact Station is driven by two main objectives:

  • Fully pre-assembled and tested in the factory.
  • Straightforward on-site installation.

Total fuel storage capacities ranging from 30 up to 120 m³ are obtained with a single storage tank or with two tanks, installed side by side in the excavation. The tanks are always double-walled and multi-compartment to accommodate 3 to 4 different fuel grades.

The tanks comply with the EN 12285-1 standard.

A polyurethane coated steel central chamber or trough, welded onto the tank,
houses all station components including manway lids, mounting frames for
one or two dispensers and fill connectors. The trough is divided in gastight
sections to limit the volume of potential vapor accumulation. To offer maximum
fuel distribution flexibility, a built-in manifold is also possible.

The tank with trough is strapped onto a speed chassis, which also supports
the frame that allows the installation of a customer-specified canopy. The
frame is designed to absorb the weight and wind loads exerted by the canopy,
without transferring forces onto the tank. In a two-tank Compact Station,
a smartly designed alignment frame facilitates and ensures the correct positioning of the main and secondary tank in the excavation. All interconnecting pipes, cut to length and with fittings installed, are part of the delivery, as well as vent pipes, manhole covers and other accessories.

As the Compact Stations are built to customer specifications, do not hesitate to contact for technical details and possibilities.