LPG-FLEX pipes are designed to be installed underground in one continuous section, used to transfer the liquid phase of gas, between the tank and the receiver, for example dispenser, evaporator.

LPG-FLEX pipes flexibility makes installation on site is quick and not complicated, single pipe installation makes the delicate welding work required for steel pipes no longer needed.

LPG pipes are available in sizes DN20 and DN25.

Pipes are designed for a maximum operating pressure of 35 bar with a safety factor of 1.5.

They are supplied in reels with a length of 200m, on-site installer cuts off the desired length, and connects the LPG pipes and fittings.

LPG Pipes and fittings have the following advantages:

  • No corrosion
  • Solid construction, with max. working pressure of 35 bar
  • Installation in continuous runs.
  • Flexible, easy to install
  • Smaller pressure loss compared to a steel pipe
  • Average life expectancy: 30 years +
LPG Pipes