LPG sumps

Product information

For underground LPG tanks produced in Bydgoszcz, CGH Poland provides various types of on-tank sumps.
Sumps are intended for surface installation.
On-tank sumps are intended to provide protection and allow access to fittings installed on LPG tanks.
They can be quickly and easily mounted by screwing them to factory-installed holders located on the tank.
They provide free access to the tank fittings during filling, inspection and service works.
There are three types of sumps:

  • Round galvanised, with a cover, lightweight, durable and easy-to-install sump for tanks with a small number of tank fittings.
  • Rectangular, prime-painted, easy-to-install sump for tanks with a LPG module or with plenty of tank fittings.
  • Rectangular, made of stainless steel, with PUR-painted base, easy-to-install sump for tanks with a LPG module or with large amount of tank fittings.
  • Very easily mounted to factory-fitted holders on the tank.
  • Fastened by means of three or four screws.
  • Built-in gas cylinders make it easy to open covers.
  • Cover lockage preventing self-falling.
  • Padlockable.
  • Protection of installed tank fittings.
  • Easy access to installed fittings
Technical details

LPG sump with a cover – LPG1-ZZ 742-002-0010
Ø1200 mm, h=700 mm
LPG modular sump – LPG2-PA 741-000-0112
1200×1770 mm, h=950 mm, S235 primer-painted, with an aluminium split cover
LPG INOX modular sump – LPG4 231-190-0002
1200×1770 mm, h = 530 mm, steel 1.4307 with a split cover
Modular sump base – LPG3-E 743-000-0012
1200×1770 mm, h = 470 mm, PUR-painted