CGH has many years of experience in the design and production of tanks for industrial applications.
Not only the tanks but also complete installations are offered, conceived in house or produced to customer’s specifications.

Tanks for a wide range of industrial applications

  • Storage or Process tanks
  • Single or Double wall tanks
  • Underground or Aboveground installation
  • Atmospheric or Pressure tanks
  • Capacities ranging from 5m3 to 200m3
  • For the storage of flammable liquids such as:
    – Tanks for Fuels and fuel additives
    – Tanks for Crude oil
    – Tanks for Solvents
    – Tanks for Bitumen
    – Tanks for Process chemicals
    – Tanks for Gases
  • To store corrosive and/or toxic liquids such as:
    – Tanks for Sulfuric acid
    – Tanks for Hydrochloric acid
    – Tanks for Sodium methoxide
    – Tanks for Methanol and ethanol
    – Tanks for Polyol and isocyanate
    – Tanks for TDI
    – Tanks for Reservoir water
Tanks for the industry