Single- and double-shell steel tanks as per EN 12285 with approval of the Office of Technical Inspection, the Central Office of Measures and – depending on the version – approved by TÜV Nord, TDT, WDT, SVTI.

A possible design as per AD2000, DIN 6608, DIN6616.

CGH Polska have been a leading manufacturer of steel tanks in Europe for years. Their customers are largest petroleum concerns and large and medium-size enterprises, both from Poland and abroad. The very beginning of the company date back to the 1990s and since then we have been manufacturing safe and eco-friendly double-shell tanks for storing flammable liquids in an automated process. The tanks are optionally equipped with overflow protection fittings, control and measurement fittings and leakage monitoring. As a standard, the tanks feature tight polyurethane anticorrosion insulation. Different anticorrosion systems for internal protection are possible, depending on the medium.

Our range of products includes the following types of fuel tanks:

  • Double-shell underground tanks
  • Single- and double-shell tanks for storing AdBlue
  • Container stations
  • Biofuel tanks
  • Jet fuel tanks

Double-shell tanks are intended to store products:

  • On petrol stations
  • On fuel depots
  • At airports
  • For heating
  • For storing chemical products
  • For storing production materials
Fuel Tanks