CGH Polska sp. z­ o.o.

We are the member of the international capital group CGH Group, operating on markets of Europe, Africa, Middle East and Russia. Our origins date back to 1990s, when CGH International launched in Poland the fully automated production process of safe and environment-friendly double-skinned tanks for storage of flammable liquids.

CGH Polska is a major manufacturer of steel tanks in Europe. Our customers are oil concerns, as well as big and small domestic and foreign companies. We sell top quality products, with legally required certificates and attestations.

Thanks to our ongoing development we offer various types of carbon steel and acid-resistant steel tanks: underground and aboveground, single- and double-skinned, pressure and non-pressure, vertical and horizontal, insulated and heated, retention tanks for water and air, hydrophore units, aerators and separators. For our foreign customers we manufacture container stations and tank accessories. Our portfolio also comprises flexible pressure pipes, designated mostly for LPG and crude oil.

CGH Nordic, daughter-company of CGH Polska in Denmark, is a distributor of our products in Nordic countries.

CGH Belgium, daughter-company of CGH Polska in Belgium, offers i.a. LPG pressure pipes, EasyFit pipe entry fittings, MwayPro composite covers, pipe collectors and accessories for storage and transfer of dangerous liquids.

CGH Polska