Enhancing Road Construction Efficiency with Custom Bitumen Storage Solutions
In the fast-paced world of road construction, having the right storage solutions is key to a smooth workflow. CGH Group recently partnered with a respected road construction company to provide customized storage solutions. The project aimed to cater to specific needs, involving tanks for storing raw and modified bitumen, along with heating oil.

Complete Storage Solution
The project included installing two vertical tanks, each holding 80m³, for raw bitumen. Additionally, a 60m³ horizontal tank was set up for raw bitumen storage. Furthermore, four 60m³ horizontal tanks were designed for modified bitumen storage. To cover more requirements, a 10m³ horizontal tank was added for heating oil storage.

Efficiency and Reliability
Every tank was outfitted with necessary features for efficiency and reliability. This included heating coils, wool insulation, radar level probes for precise monitoring, and ladders with platforms for easy access. These features boost the tanks’ performance and overall safety.

Supporting Sustainable Practices
Efficient bitumen storage is vital for eco-friendly road construction. Bitumen is a crucial ingredient in making asphalt. By providing dedicated storage, CGH Group aids our client in streamlining their production, reducing waste, and downtime. This aligns with eco-conscious construction practices, ensuring efficient resource usage.

A Successful Collaboration
Completing this project showcases CGH Group’s dedication to crafting top-tier tailored storage solutions. Teaming up with a reputable road construction firm not only improves their operations but also advances infrastructure development that benefits communities.

Looking Forward
As road construction evolves, focused storage solutions remain crucial. CGH Group is poised to collaborate with industry leaders, offering innovative storage solutions that contribute to their success.

For customized storage solutions tailored to your industry needs, get in touch with us at info@cgh.com.pl.

Tanks for asphalt and bitumen

Tanks for asphalt and bitumen

Tanks for asphalt and bitumen