Tanks for liquid fertilizers

Tank advantages and benefits for users:

  • Tank with a slope which allows to empty and clean it in an easy way
  • Drip tray under the drain pipe prevents environmental contamination
  • Manhole cover designed for easy handling at filling and inspection
  • Larger platform with railings ensures greater user comfort and safety
  • Ladder can be mounted from both sides

Technical data:

  • Capacity: 25 m3 and 50 m3 – available up to 100 m3
  • Tank diameter: 2500 mm – available diameters: 2000 mm – 2900 mm
  • Internal coating resistant to liquid fertilizers
  • Tank with a slope towards the drain pipe
  • Drain pipe DN80 with ball valve with protection against accidental opening, lockable
  • Manhole cover DN600 on hinges for quick and easy opening
  • Drip tray under drain pipe
  • Venting pipe DN40
  • Ladder, railings and platform galvanised
  • Tank colour options:
    RAL9010 – white, RAL7035 – grey,
    RAL5010 – blue, RAL6029 – green