Tank 300 m3 for esters
Tank 300 m3 for esters
Loading of 300 m3 tanks
Zbiorniki 200-300m3
Tank 300 m3 for esters
Zbiorniki 200-300m3
Zbiorniki do LPG
Zbiorniki paliwowe podziemne
Zbiorniki hydroforowe
Filtry do wody
CGH Polska
Kompaktowe stacje paliw
Zbiorniki pionowe
Tank 300 m3 for esters
Loading of 300 m3 tanks
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CGH Polska offers:

  • singleskinned tank
  • doubleskinned tank
  • stainless steel tanks
  • underground and aboveground tanks
  • tanks for oil, gas, LPG, aviation fuel
  • tanks for chemical industry
  • Container station
  • Aviation tanks
  • Pressure tanks
  • Tanks for industry
  • Hydrophore tanks
  • Storage tanks for water, aerators, filters
  • tanks for biofuels
  • AdBlue tanks
  • ion exchangers
  • buffer tanks
  • LPG pipes
  • CGH RTP PIPE – flexible high-pressure pipe
  • Speed chassis

Our offer includes steel tanks (for fuels and biofuels) as well as acid-proof ones. We also manufacture underground and above ground structures, single- and double-walled containers and retention reservoirs for water and air. Each of our products holds all required certificates and approvals. As one of the few manufactures of this type of solutions, we use approved welding technologies for stainless and low-carbon steels. As a result, our products meet high quality and safety requirements, including ecological standards.

Moreover, LPG gas pipes and crude oil pipes constitute a large part of our offer. We also enriched our stock with CGH RTP PIPE pressure pipes, as well as container stations, hydrophores and devices allowing to monitor the tanks we manufacture.