GOK LAG 2000 wet monitoring

Product information
GOK LAG 2000 module for wet monitoring system.
GOK LAG 2000 is a leak detector for non-pressurised tanks intended for EX zones (explosion hazard zones) – the so-called “wet detection".
This leak detection system is under Class II according to DIN EN 13160-1 and DIN EN 13160-3. It is designed for the supervision of, among others, double-walled, non-pressurised, above-ground and underground tanks.
The volume of control space at this installation should not exceed 1m³.
LAG 2000 may only be used to monitor double-walled or other tanks adopted for liquid-based measurements.
Tank leaks are detected by a drop in the level of liquid (glycol) in an expansion vessel at the monitoring unit.
The principle of operation for the LAG 2000 leak detector is as follows:
Within monitored CSN tank space there is leak-detection liquid which fills the liquid tank up to its sight glass. If the probe ends are immersed in leak-detection liquid, an electrical circuit between the two probe electrodes is closed.
In case of any potential leak in the tank, leak-detection liquid leaks out. Then the probe ends are not immersed in the liquid, the electrical circuit is broken and the beacon triggers an acoustic and optical alarm.


  • potential application in earthquake-affected areas
  • compliance with the EU standards
  • CE-marked
  • It can be used in numerous types of tanks:
    • Aboveground, double-walled tanks according to DIN 6616, DIN 6618-3, DIN 6623-2, DIN 6624-2 and EN 12285-2
    • Underground, double-walled tanks according to DIN6608-2, DIN 6619-2, EN 12285-1
    • Other tanks holding a certificate of suitability issued by the construction supervision or a certificate of conformity for a construction product staying in line with the legal provisions on the transposition of European Community directives, including the requirements for construction supervision and water regulations, which are CE-marked.
    • Single-walled, non-pressurised aboveground tanks with leak-protection lining.
    • Single-walled, non-pressurised aboveground tanks with leak-protection shell.
Technical details
  • voltage: 230 V, 50-60 Hz
  • power consumption: 2.5 VA
  • temperature range: -20 to +60 °C
  • housing: IP20

Working medium:

  • diesel oil
  • heating oil
  • petrol
  • ethanol
  • gasoline-ethanol mixtures
  • others