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Product information
OCIO is used for continuous monitoring of liquid level in the tank.
OCIO is a level indicator which detects static pressure generated by the liquid height using a tube with a probe put in the tank, and displays liquid level or volume.
It can be used to measure the level of fuel, oil, window cleaner, water.
The new design and proper solutions guarantee reliable and repeatable level indication.
The least expensive and uncomplicated measuring device available.
The OCIO measuring system is used in the following locations:

  • petrol stations,
  • boiler houses,
  • small warehouses of petroleum products,
  • and wherever a liquid level in a tank has to be monitored
  • easy installation and operation of the device
  • LCD and user-friendly interface based on graphic symbols
  • much lower price compares to similar solutions
  • maintenance-free operation of the device
  • easy data analysis
  • the measuring unit can be installed outside the EX zone in a room available for personnel
  • faultless operation
  • continuous measurement
  • height, volume and filling percentage indication
  • maximum and minimum level alarms
  • high accuracy
  • intuitive software management procedure
  • optional connection with a computer
Technical information

The system consists of:

  • A control unit for level indication and system management. The unit features intuitive, complete software and allows you to connect two alarm or locking devices.
  • A tube for detecting acoustic pressure: the end of the tube is inserted from the top of the tank and lowered down the liquid until it touches the bottom; the tube ends with a brass probe which transmits the signal to the control unit, the liquid level is displayed on the device screen.

The software is used to:

  • Set tank dimensions and type,
  • Determine the indication level,
  • Define the alarm level,
  • Calibrate the measuring unit selection instrument.

Based on set alarm levels, the control unit deactivates or activates the contact, acting as a remote switch to trigger alarms or cut off the power supply of the connected equipment.
Probe tube length: 10 m.
Maximum measurable height: 4 m.
Power supply voltage 230 V / 50 Hz (110 V / 60 Hz), protection degree IP 55, full scale 4 m (12 feet) Accuracy ± 1% of the full scale, contact for maximum and minimum level, maximum voltage 250 V AC
at 5 A (or 30 V DC at 5 A), probe tube length 10 m (10.6 yards) (extended to 50 m (52 yards), level indication – height (mm, inches) – volume (litres, gallons) – filling percentage (%) – available RS output for connection with a computer