Anchoring bands

Product information

The system with reinforced concrete ‘BEAMS’

  • Quick and easy system for fixing underground tanks in an excavation
  • The principle of operation involves fixing a tank with steel bands anchored to prefabricated reinforced concrete beams.
  • The setting level of the tank and beams is equal – a flat surface obtained from medium-dense non-cohesive soil (subsoil or ballast).
  • Prefabricated beams should be outside the tank outline so the backfill resting on it serves as an additional ballasting mass good
  • anchoring of tanks without a traditional foundation
  • setting a tank in subsoil or ballast
  • delivery of the anchoring system with the tank
  • time saving on a construction site
  • lower installation costs
  • easy and quick assembly
Technical information

Components of the anchoring system.

  1. reinforced concrete, minimum 300 x 300 x 4000 mm
  2. beam steel band
  3. threaded rod
  4. tank steel band
  5. pin with a cotter or bolt to connect the threaded rod with the beam band
  6. screw connector of the bands

An assumption was made that concrete beams are arranged symmetrically on both sides of the tank, and their length corresponds approximately to the tank length or is greater.