CGH RTP PIPE flexible high-pressure pipe uses proprietary polymer multilayer constructions made in the RTP technology Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes. Designed for the transport of oil, natural gas, water reservoir, CO2, LPG. Fortron® PPS coating provides chemical resistance to acids, bases, kerosene, gas, H2S, CO2, brine.

CGH RTP PIPE Technology

CGH RTP PIPE pipe are used to build new pipelines in open trenches, as well as trenchless technologies in the modernization of existing installations.

New polymer materials

  • increased strength
  • Greater efficiency at higher temperatures
  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Low permeation with no softening and swelling
  • CGH RTP PIPE Technology


  • Gathering lines connecting oil and gas wells
  • Brine disposal lines
  • CO2 injection lines
  • Transportation of hydrocarbons and liquid chemicals

Advantages of CGH RTP PIPE installation

  • The reduced pressure drop in comparison with steel
  • Better thermal insulation in comparison with steel
  • High pressure systems in comparison with PE
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • No problems with the adhesion of oil or stone
  • Reduced time and cost of installation
  • Heat resistance